Free Dry Cleaning Pick-up & Delivery!  Twice a week guaranteed.

dry cleaning pick up and delivery

We are pleased to announce our twice a week dry cleaning pick up and delivery service at your home and/or office. You don’t pay extra to have us pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. All you do is set your items in a bag outside your home and we do the rest.

“With my busy schedule, Parkway Cleaner’s free pick-up and delivery service has been wonderful!  So easy…Never leaving my home, my clothing is picked up and delivered to my front door.”
-Alan Conant


Arnold Creek
Cedar Hills
Downtown Portland
Forest Park
King City
Kruse Way
Lake Oswego
Raleigh Hills
Sexton Mountain
Arnold Creek
Tigard/Bull Mountain
Vista Hills
West Linn
West Slope

Off these Streets

Kaiser Road
Laidlaw Road
Leahy Road
Miller Road
NW Cornell Road
Patton Road
Saltzman Road
Skyline Road
Sylvan Road
Thompson Road


Beaverton – Murray Road
Downtown Portland
Hillsboro – Intel
John’s Landing
Lincoln Center
NW Portland
Washington Square

How does our dry cleaning and laundry service work?

Leave your personalized bag, with your dry cleaning inside it, at a prearranged spot before 8 AM on the delivery/pick-up day.  Any special requests should be attached to the garment.

We will remind you via email of our pick-up and delivery the day before we are in your Neighborhood.  You can use this same email to ask any questions or share any of your concerns.  We always respond promptly. No worries!

Once you sign up, we will check your designated spot for your dry cleaning on our pick-up and delivery days. Just leave it out for us to take care of.

Convenience! You don’t have to be home or in the office to have this service available to you. Just leave your personalized bag in the designated spot at your home/office.

Your order will be dry cleaned and returned. We will provide a hook for you which will be placed in a prearranged spot. Our driver will put your clean clothing on the hook, including your paid receipt.

dry cleaner

How do you pay? You have options…

dry cleaner

For security purposes, we request that you phone your credit/debit card information to our manager, instead of printing it or sending it via e-mail.  Your security and privacy are extremely important to us, and it will always be kept in a safe and secure location in our office.

We keep a customer’s credit/debit card information securely on file and charge the card with each incoming order. A receipt is stapled to the invoice on the returned clothing.

Another option is to send in a check with your next order.

You can also request to be billed monthly.

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